Whole day commercial (08.00-18.00): 5500 sek / day
Half day commerical (4 hours): 4000 sek / day
Whole day editorial (08.00-18.00): 3500 sek / day
Half day editorial (4 hours): 2800 sek / day
Overtime: 500 sek / hour
Newly white painted cylorama: 900 sek

REACURRING CUSTOMERS: get 10% discount for every booking after your 10th booking! Forever!

1. Bookings and Options
Options for Play Studio must be confirmed no later than 72hrs before the date the reservation applies. Play Studio has the right to cancel any option for the benefit of a costumer who can confirm their booking. Play Studio will always give the options in descending order a chance to confirm their booking before cancellation. 
2. Confirmed bookings
An already confirmed booking will be charged full price.
3. Payment
Invoices must be paid within 30 days.
4. Damages and losses
If during the rental time something breaks, damages or get lost, the person who books the studio will be charged for the occurring damages, breaks and losses.
5. Responsibility
During the rental time the person behind the leasing is fully responsible if anything happens.